EvoTorque ET-72

  • Brand:


  • Model: ET-72
  • Type: Bolting Products


  • Range from 200 N•m - 2000 N•m
  • Versions for 110V a.c. or 230V a.c.
  • Factory calibrated to ± 3%
  • Very low vibration levels using a non-impacting mechanism; this leads to comfortable and safe use with less damage to the tool, socket and threaded assembly
  • Reaction forces are contained by the reaction bar, so forces are not passed back to the operator
  • Several reaction bar styles available, including versions for restricted applications. Engineered to Order reaction accessories are also available, see examples.
  • Correct torque output from hard through to soft joints
  • Indicator on the tool clearly signals that the correct Torque or Angle has been achieved
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Torque Chart