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Introducing The New EvoTorque® Battery Tool

Fast, Durable, Accurate

Get the latest in speed and precision with the new EBT, a transducer-controlled, battery-powered tool for applying torque to threaded fasteners. Its industrial motor will keep going where most other battery tools will overheat. It’s coupled with either a single-speed or auto two-speed gearbox for rapid joint completion times, with dynamic braking to avoid torque overshoot.



  • •Store multiple units of torque measurement, including N·m, lbf·ft and kgf·m
  • •Use advanced mode for torque and angle, final torque or torque audit functionality 
  • •Minimize operator error with torque-only mode
  • •Select single-speed or auto two-speed configuration



Smart Data Management

  • •Allows USB and Bluetooth® 4.0 data transfer 
  • •Comes with PC software EvoLog for data management, real-time graphs and tool
  • configuration
  • •Store data for up to 12 user IDs and 3,000 readings
  • •Export results in CSV format


Quick Application

  • •Undo bolts with operation direction feature
  • •Complete application of snug torque and angle target faster with two-stage tightening
  • •Check whether bolts are already tightened with turn angle option
  • •Integrate tool into third-party control systems


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