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Flange Spreaders

Flange Spreaders

Aztec Bolting carries only quality flange spreaders that are fundamental to critical bolting applications. The need for reliable flange spreaders is crucial in the field or in the shop. We offer a mechanical 8 Ton Wedge that has the advantage of operating without a hydraulic pump; this ideal for wind turbine and other field applications. Aztec also provides a 10 ton Hydraulic Wedge and the Enerpac FS-Series Hydraulic Flange Spreader.

Aztec Bolting also carries a revolutionary integral hydraulic flange spreader that one man can carry and operate, complete with a shoulder strap for easy transport. This is New Generation tooling for your critical bolting application.

Contact Aztec Bolting today to order your flange spreader and other quality bolting products.

  • 8 Ton Mechanical Wedgex
    • Unique Interlocking First Step enhances safety giving secure holding at the tips. This means that the full force of 8 tons can be generated on the first as well as the other steps.
    • Only requires 6mm access gap
    • Portable
    • 150 ft/lbs of torque generates 8 tons of separating force
  • 10 Ton Hydraulic Wedge
    • Rotating swivel handle
    • Light weight robust tool- 7kilos
    • Versatile
  • 10 Ton Integral Wedge
    • Integral hydraulics
    • Light weight- 9.18kilos
    • Portable
    • 10,000 psi generates 14.5 tons of separating force
    • 25mm of spread from 54mm of stroke
  • Enerpac FS-Series
    • Adjustable jaw width 70mm-216mm
    • Single-acting spring return
Capacity Stroke Oil
mm mm mm ton mm cm3 kg
2 x 57 19-28 3-28 5 38 24,6 FS-56 * 11,5
2 x 92 31-41 3-28 10 54 78,7 FS-109 * 18,1
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